General Admission Requirements


  • Online Readiness Exam
  • Ability to Benefit Test: If a prospective student does not present evidence of having graduated from high school or possessing a GED document, or if the prospective student may be marginal in terms of benefiting from the instruction provided, the prospective student will be required to present documentation of passing an Ability to Benefit Test (ABT).
  • Proficiency in English (read, write and speak)



For Master of Arts Programs

Undergraduate degree with Diploma (equivalent to Diploma of UofSA)

(or) Undergraduate degree with – Knowldege of 1 ata tala varnam in 2 speeds,  5 vilambakala kritis of Trinity, Padam, Javali, Tillana, Compositions in different languages

Submission of Audio recording  – 1 Ata tala varnam in 2 speeds, 1 vilambakala kriti with sample of raga alapana and svarakalpana

For Diploma Programs

High school diploma or GED is required

Practical experience of 2 ~ 4 years

Certificate course

5 varnams, 5 kritis, ghanaraga pancaratnas

Understanding of talas like Misra Chapu, Khanda chapu

Ability to identify ragas – Mōhana, Śaṅkarābharaṇam, Kalyāṇī, Śrīran͂janī

Submission of Audio recording  – 1 Varnam in 2 speeds, rendition of a kriti in any major raga, Attempt manodharma

For Certificate Programs

Knowledge of Exercises- Sarali, Janta, Datu, Hechu, Alankaram, Gitam, Svarajati, Jatisvaram, 2 – 3 varnams

Submission of Audio recording  – 1 alankaram in 3 speeds, Varnam – 1 speed